venerdì, giugno 17, 2005


hello, everyone!

as is the way of things every summer with me, i will soon be off to italy to dig in the dirt, get melanomically tan, crack the proverbial whip at a bunch of would-be archaeology students, and eat more prosciutto and mozzarella than can possibly be healthy. and as usual, you people will be subjected to the not-all-that-regular emailings of my antics 'half naked and down in a big hole' (thank you russell for that vivid description). i leave the east coast on the 22nd for a short stopover in san antonio. somehow or another, it is faster and cheaper to fly to italy from the middle of the country, and if you attempt to fly out from washington, they ship you inland to either illinois or texas before routing you out through atlanta again. going to see friends and eat my weight in mexican food and steak.

for anyone interested in the backlog of previous years' emails (this is my fifth year digging with the anglo-american project in pompeii) and some other goofy stuff in regard to what goes on during the summer, go poke around my website at (click on the butterfly, then AAPP). goofiness. utter utter goofiness.

this is also a call for snail mail. i love getting real written-on-paper-in-ink mail (and it's something of a matter of pride to get letters), so if you think about it, send me something to the address at the end of this email. and i'll reciprocate with a postcard.

if for any reason you dont want to get these emails, yell at me and i'll take you off the list. strangely enough, some people are clamboring to get put on the list (not a request i'm used to for mass mailings), so apparently i am occassionally entertaining. either way, i'm always sheepish about mass mailings, so tell me if you want me to quit bugging you.



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