mercoledì, luglio 06, 2005

and they're off!

hello from the heat and sun of southern italy!

the season has begun with a bang. got here a week ago to set up shop, hang out with the staff and generally live it up before the students arrive and mess up the proper socializing. ok, that's not entirely true. this year most of us supervisors are friends and have really been using that to our advantage: bouncing ideas off of one another, discussing ideas about our trenches and teaching methods, all good things. and a realy good group.

sunday was our first day of work. the students this year seem to be great, and the general feeling of season is much MUCH more positive than last year (last year was sort of an off year). i'm digging in pat's shrine, a large area that has been dug for the past three years running and i should finish it out this year. more on archaeology later when we actually have some of it (my trench has been digging out backfill for the last three days getting down to the depth that was reached last year to start our excavation there).

the most amazing thing about this place is how little anything changes. we're gone for an entire year, get back, and not a single thing has changed: same staff at the campsite, same staff in pompeii scavi, same general feeling about the area, same dogs (nora is alive! nora is my favorite scavi dog, a little black wiry female with big coyote ears and the sweetest disposition. she sometimes sleeps on the mat in front of my tent and wakes up with me, tail wagging. she's been in pompeii and hanging out with the project for the last 7 years at least).

anyway, this isn't yet much of an email, just a little update that i'm here and well, and things are great. more on saturday, probably.